Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Study algorithm

Recently,I am studying the algorithm all the time.I plan to write a series of blogs about basic algorithms that are faced with regularly by a programmer.
In the past,I spent some time diving into the architecture of application and will to become a good architect.So I read some excellent open source code that is elegant and attractive.Some time later I am familiar with the program language of Java and acquainted with the design pattern which is very popular in software development .Then I have some questions:
  1. which is the most competitive character as a programer?
  2. The algorithm is no longer crucial in the enterprise's development when the hardware is become more and more powerful?
  3. What am I interested in?
  4. Can I learn the algorithm well?What is my advantage?
I don't find the answers in responded to above questions.But I realize that I become interested with the alogorithm.I feel very happy when I can understand the algorithm.Although I don't invent a new algorithm,but I can see other's algorithms and know more thing about programming.

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