Monday, May 28, 2007


  • 原因
  • 去年上半年,受市场供求失衡和疫病因素影响,生猪存栏水平低;同时,受生长周期影响,生猪的存栏进度慢;
  • 饲料价格上升。
  • 措施
  1. 抓好生猪生产;
  2. 控制市场饲料供应;
  3. 做好市场供应,加强市场质量和价格监督;
  4. 加强舆论引导,全面,准确报道市场供应和物价情况,维护社会稳定;
  5. 准备预急方案,必要时动用国家储备肉。
  • 预测
  • 已处于历史同期最高;
  • 夏季到来,需求量减少;
  • 生猪产量将增加。

Sunday, May 27, 2007




Thursday, September 07, 2006

A conference about intranet's management

I attend a conference about intranet's management this afternoon.The agenda includs three section:the character of kinds of Sinfor's product,the successful story about their product and demonstration of their product . The speaker is not filled with ardor and don't attract audience attention.
Most of audience are product agents,not end purchasers.In the process of conference,there are two people's introduction about their own product,not the Sinfor's product.I think that this is a very important chance to construct a new relation with end purchasers.The world is filled with competition in every aspect.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Study algorithm

Recently,I am studying the algorithm all the time.I plan to write a series of blogs about basic algorithms that are faced with regularly by a programmer.
In the past,I spent some time diving into the architecture of application and will to become a good architect.So I read some excellent open source code that is elegant and attractive.Some time later I am familiar with the program language of Java and acquainted with the design pattern which is very popular in software development .Then I have some questions:
  1. which is the most competitive character as a programer?
  2. The algorithm is no longer crucial in the enterprise's development when the hardware is become more and more powerful?
  3. What am I interested in?
  4. Can I learn the algorithm well?What is my advantage?
I don't find the answers in responded to above questions.But I realize that I become interested with the alogorithm.I feel very happy when I can understand the algorithm.Although I don't invent a new algorithm,but I can see other's algorithms and know more thing about programming.

Mi Qi's profile

Who is Mi Qi?He is my colleague. At first glance,he is a bit fat.And like a big child,the same with me.
By the way,I don't describe him fluently in English,and plan to improve it day after day.

My first English blog

From now on,I will describe my childlike life,express my thought,record interesting story in English.Welcome everyone to visit my blog^_^